Which bowls are right for me?

Bowls are made of high impact resin and come in varying sizes, weights, and degree of bias.

During RLBC training sessions bowls are available free of charge.

Our club instructors will guide your selection of the bowls which suits your individual needs and skills.

The most familiar bowl manufacturers are Drakes Pride, Henselite, and Taylor. Each of these companies with their ranges of bowls can be found online.

How To Buy Bowls
→ How to Buy a Set of Lawn Bowls


From Bowls South Africa an instructional on the various aspects of bowls which help in selecting the correct size bowl : WATCH

From Tippers ‘Magic Dash’ Chalkie offering a wide range of insightful tips: WATCH


Lawn Bowls are not round. Bowls are made purposefully which creates a bias or curve to the line of direction during play. Different manufacturers have variations on the bias range of their products from narrow to wide. The chart below gives the line of bias for various manufacturers.

Bowls Bias Chart:

Bowls Bias Chart

RLBC Used Bowls

In our Mat House, Wayne Sampson (925) 278-4050 oversees the large selection of used bowls which can be purchased at low prices and are suitable for novice bowlers while discovering personal preferences and skill sets.

To contact Wayne about buying or selling used bowls, please use the form below.

Tell Wayne what size or type of bowls you are interested in to buy or sell.


Our Mat House ‘Country Store’ has supplies such as marking chalk, measures, bowl carriers, and many other items used during play.