Rossmoor Lawn Bowling Etiquette

The sport of lawn bowling, at all levels, is conducted in an atmosphere of fellowship and sociability which has always been a feature of the game. It is a gentleman’s game with a noble heritage.

The code of etiquette which should be followed by all bowlers is unwritten. There are no penalties for its non-observance, but it should be adhered to nevertheless.

The following are suggestions which should be helpful to the veteran as well as the novice bowler in the observation and practice of these basic rules of etiquette.

All games should be played in an atmosphere of friendliness. All players should shake hands at the end of a match.

When you arrange to play in an event organized by your club, be punctual. Should you be unable to play, give the organizers due notice so that they can find a proper replacement for you.

Do not talk or move suddenly while your opponent is on the mat. Keep conversation to a minimum throughout the game. Chatter can upset a player’s concentration and spoil his/her delivery.
If you are a spectator, do not offer advice to the players and keep your distances from them by staying on the bank.

Applaud a good shot, whoever plays it. If your opponent plays an unlucky shot, do not show any outward sign of satisfaction at this misfortune. It may be your turn next.
Do not criticize the play of your teammates or the judgment of your skip.

Walk down well inside your own rink boundaries when changing ends. During play, do not stand so as to obscure the rink boundary mark.

It is not courteous to loiter about the head. The laws require that players, except when actually directing, shall not be less than 6 feet behind the jack.

Protect the green, never walk on it in shoes with heals. Never drop, bounce, or toss a bowl carelessly. Do not openly criticize the condition of the green.

Bowling clubs are friendly places. Do your best to foster this harmony by your loyalty to the club and your fellow members.
You will enjoy your participation both on the green and in social events off the green.

The pleasure you derive from bowling will be enhanced by this unwritten code.

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ETIQUETTE A Combination of Good Sportsmanship and Good Manners