The Greens

The Greens – East/West

We currently have grass greens which require daily maintenance. To preserve the integrity of the greens, we follow a schedule which corresponds with maintenance from the Rossmoor staff, rotation of greens, and direction of play.

The RLBC lawn bowling facility is for the use of Rossmoor residents and their guests who are lawn bowls certified.

Greens Schedule

Open: Tuesday through Sunday

Closed: Mondays (maintenance and repairs)

DST:  9:00 am – 8:00 pm   |   PST:  10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Greens Rotation and Direction Schedules

To avoid creating ruts from continual use, the greens are on rotation and direction schedules.

The greens are numbered One, Two, and Three – starting outside the Mat House with Green One and ending closest to the parking lot with Green Three.

We use North/South and East/West to indicate direction. North/South is looking directly across from the Mat House toward Lower Golden Rain Road. East/West is looking the length of the 3 greens, Pine Knoll towards the Table Tennis building.

Please check the green board outside the Mat House to see which green is open and what direction to play.

Any non-certified bowler must be accompanied by a certified bowler.

Flat shoes, no heels, must used any time you are on the greens. 

Rain Days

When rainfall is significant enough to make the greens unplayable the greens will be closed. A red flag is hung outside the mat house to indicate the greens are closed to all players.

To avoid arriving at the Mat House on closure days, the answering machine message will announce the greens closure –  925.937.1765.