RLBC History

The Rossmoor Lawn Bowling Club was organized in March, 1967 by a few residents who were, or had been, members of clubs in the Bay Area. They were assisted in the endeavor of setting up a club in Rossmoor by area clubs, most notably the Berkeley Club, which provided not only advice, but also furnished equipment to get the club started. The club was incorporate as a non-profit organization on October 3, 1968.

Construction of the two initial greens began in the summer of 1966 and was completed late in 1967. The official opening took lace on May 4, 1968. In 1983, the original greens were completely reconstructed in phases and moved apart to make room in the center for the addition of a third green. The newly enlarged greens were dedicated in November, 1986.

For the first year, the club met in the small room know as the Pine Room, adjacent to the Diablo Room of the Hillside Complex. Space for equipment storage was in a room at the Hillside swimming pool. In 1969, the Mat House was built to house the greens equipment, lockers for members, working space for games chairman, and general clubhouse use.

This soon proved too small and in 1974 the Mat House size was approximately doubled. In 1989 members raised $8,000.00 and personally installed metal lockers. In 2007 members raised $20,000.00 and built a kitchenette in the Mat House.

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